February 2015 Reading List

The Reading List series of posts will include all the books, videos, blogs, guides and any other resources that I refer to doing the month. This will help me quickly recollect and find a resource and will also help others find resources that they might find useful.

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Fashion photography workshop at Hyderabad

It has been a while since I took my camera out and so I started looking for places around Hyderabad to shoot some landscapes. As I couldn’t find any interesting spots for landscapes, I went to Meetup to see if I could go on a photo walk or something similar. That’s when I found Hyderabad Fashion Photography Workshop for beginners organized by Rakesh Kurra.

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Accepted into The Arcanum

I am proud to announce that my application to join the Arcanum has finally been accepted. I recently received an invitation from Wes Hardaker, one of the Masters in the Arcanum, to join him and his cohort. I have gladly accepted the invitation and am now officially an apprentice!

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Runner Up in Colors 2015 photography competition

Runner Up in the photography competition held at Ascendas V last week. My entry was the picture titled ‘Durdle Door Sunset’ which I shot just before moving back to India last July.

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