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Month in Review – June 2016

The last month has been a mixed bag of results. I had to move the blog to a new server and that proved to be a lot more difficult than it should have been. The short version of it – I had to recreate the blog from scratch. All the old posts are now filed under Archive, for archival purposes. I will be doing the Month in Review posts every month to look back at the month that has passed. This will help me evaluate what I have been doing, and how the blog is growing. Future posts will include more details as I post more content and the blog grows. I now have a Facebook page for the blog and it can be found at Please do like the page and share to anyone who might find something useful here. The Twitter account is also active and you might want to follow me there too. I tend to follow a lot of people/accounts and retweet quite a lot. You can find me at @eguruinfo on Twitter. Books read this month: 2 ELON MUSK: TESLA, SPACEX, AND THE QUEST FOR A FANTASTIC FUTURE Ashlee Vance ACT LIKE A LEADER, THINK LIKE A LEADER Herminia Ibarra (Check out my entire Reading List here). Blog Posts: 1 The ULTIMATE Check Point Commands Cheat Sheet Twitter Followers: 5 Facebook Page Likes: 0 This...

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The ULTIMATE CheckPoint Commands Cheat Sheet

This page is a list of the most useful and common configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting commands used on Check Point products. The sources include Check Point product documentation, admin guides, Secure Knowledge articles, Advanced Technical Reference Guides (ATRG), TAC cases and other experts in the field who are kind enough to share their knowledge and expertise. You can search, filter, and sort through the table to find the command or topic you are looking for. This page will be updated frequently. I recommend bookmarking it. Last updated: 24 July 2016 CategoryCommandDescription /var/log/messages*Displays the OS log. Helpful in overall monitoring of the system. Check for relevant messages about interfaces, links, any abnormal messages. arp -an | wc -lDisplays the system's ARP cache table. Helpful in monitoring the ARP table (mostly, number of entries). Refer to sk43772 (/var/log/messages file shows repeatedly - 'kernel: neighbour table overflow'). Man page - cat /proc/cpuinfoDisplays a collection of CPU and system architecture dependent items about CPU. Helpful in collecting information about CPU cores (architecture, vendor, number). Multi-CPU (SMP) machines will show information for each CPU. Man page - cat /proc/interruptsDisplays the number of interrupts per each IRQ. Helpful in monitoring interrupts on CPU cores from different devices (mostly, NICs). Verify that the interfaces do not share the same IRQ number, which is problematic with affinity. Man page - cat /proc/meminfoDisplays the amount...

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Fix issue with Lightroom and Photoshop CC crashing on launch

With the launch of Lightroom CC ( also called Lightroom 6), Adobe introduced a slew of new features, most notably Photo Merge HDR and Photo Merge Panorama. The excitement soon died as users couldn’t launch the new application using the Creative Cloud Desktop. Lightroom and Photoshop would display the splash screen momentarily and then crash. The problem was compounded by the fact that there was nothing in the logs that pointed to a possible reason for this behaviour. Strangely, this issue did not plague every one who upgraded to Lightroom CC. If you are one of the unlucky ones, read on to find out how to fix this issue and get Lightroom CC up and running. Please note that the solutions provided below are only for users on Mac OS X. There are two solutions floating around on the web and both are from Adobe themselves. Although the first solution can be found on Adobe’s website, it worked only for a handful of users. The second solution, which seems to work for pretty much everyone, can only be obtained from Adobe by having a chat/calling their customer support. Now, we all know how quick that can be. So follow the instructions below to fix this issue. Solution 1 Try this first as it is easier and seems to work for a few users. If it doesn’t work, try the...

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Paulo Travels Sleeper Bus between Hyderabad and Panjim, Goa Review

This is a review of the sleeper bus and service provided by Paulo Travels on my recent trip from Hyderabad to Panjim, Goa and back. The pictures were shot from my phone. Hyderabad to Panjim, Goa  I decided to board the bus at Miyapur so I could directly get on the bus. If I were to start from my place, I would have been taken to the bus in a very small and cramped mini bus, and I wanted to avoid that. For those who are not aware, private buses are not allowed within the city limits in Hyderabad before 10 PM. So, the passengers are ferried to the bus in small mini vans/buses from various locations in the city. I reached Allwyn Junction, Miyapur just before 7:30 PM. The bus was scheduled to depart from Miyapur at 7:30 PM but arrived only at 8 PM and left at around 8:30 PM. First impressions of the bus and the berth seemed to be okay. Nothing extraordinary but just comfortable. There’s a luggage rack over my feet where I put my camera bag. Happy about it as I didn’t want to put the camera bag in the boot. The curtains and berth were very dirty though. It looked like they haven’t been washed in years! There’s also a little gap next to the luggage rack where I squeezed my laptop bag. Two problems solved!...

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Fashion photography workshop at Hyderabad

It has been a while since I took my camera out and so I started looking for places around Hyderabad to shoot some landscapes. As I couldn’t find any interesting spots for landscapes, I went to Meetup to see if I could go on a photo walk or something similar. That’s when I found Hyderabad Fashion Photography Workshop for beginners organized by Rakesh Kurra. Although I am not into fashion photography, I thought I’ll give it a try as it could help for when I shoot portraits of friends or family. The cost of the workshop was Rs. 3000 for the day so it felt like it was worth it, and it wasn’t too far from where I lived. Also, I was beginning to get desperate to go out and shoot some pictures without having to travel hundreds of kilometers. Getting there  A map was included on the Meetup group page from Google Maps and I just followed till the destination. Or so it seemed. The workshop was to be held at Prakash Farm House. The location given on the map was about 5.5 kms away. Strike 1. You can see from the map that the actual location was 5.5 kms away from the location we were shared. The red pin being the location shared and the other end of the route being the correct location. The workshop was due...

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